Getting Started

One of the most important factors for success in therapy is finding a highly trained therapist who is a good match for your particular needs.
Here is what you can expect:
An initial psychotherapy session is typically 45-50 minutes long.  After we speak by phone you can choose to set up an initial consultation so we can get to know one another and I can learn more about what your goals are. This will give you a better sense of how I work and what therapy is really like.
In your initial consultation, we will be able to determine if psychotherapy makes sense for you and if I am a psychotherapist that feels like a right fit for you. Finding the right fit is a highly personal decision, and something we can determine together.
­At the end of the first session, we will have a clearer plan on how to move forward whether it is simply to meet again soon or something more definitive like regularly scheduled sessions. The frequency of visits is something we determine together based on your goals.